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Free Photo Calendar Maker Download - Pically

pically iconPically is a free photo calendar maker. You can create your own free printable calendars using your own photos. Just pick your favorite images and enter your events (like birthdays, holidays, etc.) and Pically will create a printable calendar in PDF format. So just download the free calendar creator and create your free printable 2014 calendar with holidays and other events.

Free calendar creator

With Pically you can:
  • choose your own picture for each month.
  • add your personal events, such as birthdays, holidays. They will automatically show up in the generated calendar.
  • import iCal files into your picture calendar!
  • create free printable calendars.

Create your free photo calendar for 2014

Tired of the standard calendars you are getting every Christmas? Why don't you create your own photo calendar using your favorite images? With the free photo calendar maker you can pick a photo for each month, just drag and drop your image files into the corresponding month.

You can also add holidays, birthdays and other events. Select the date and enter the event text. Pically will generated your events automatically in the photo calendar. You also have the option to import iCal files instead of entering the events manually.

Pically creates printable calendars for you! Simply print the created PDF file and hang your photo calendar on your wall. You can also create photo calendars for your friends as a gift. Save money with the free photo calendar creator software! No need to order calendars online anymore. Just do it your self!


Download Pically for Windows
Download Pically for Mac
Download Pically for Linux


2011-12-31: Version 1.0.1 published
  • Bugfix: The month names are shown correctly
  • Added exe version for Windows

2011-10-20: Version 1.0 published


If you find any bugs/issues, please be so kind and report them here:

Used Libraries

I have used the following libraries in this project:
  • iText
  • ical4j
  • filedrop
  • imagescalr
  • miglayout

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